Wednesday, April 14, 2010



The Entertainers is known as band that provided a catchy and mellow riffing with tremendous crossover between metal , hardcore and rock . Heavy and mellow metal-running riffing with catchy melody , brutal hard pump of drum with sincere lyrics that deals with hatred , emotion and anger can best described the music of The Entertainers . What the heck ! The band is playing what they want to play ! haha .

The band has been around since early 2010 and is growing up . The band consists of five teenagers living in the same place , a beautiful place called Taman Ayer Keroh Heights 1 . Despite the young age of this band but its members will work together to raise the band's name to the highest level . This band has been improved by producing a song with the efforts of its members even if not up to a year of its existence . At the beginning of april all band activities had slowed down temporarily because three of its members will face the SPM examination at the end of this year . Therefore , all the fans so please be patient and the album will be out soon .

Well the band would like to wish infinite of thank you to all brothers , sisters , family , crews and lover that have been supported the band . Only God know how much the band appreciated you all! How much we love you all and how much we cherish the bonding friendships we had together after all those years. Please let all boyz and gurlz around the world know about our music and keep on rawkin with us yaA . Rawk on dude !

Band Members
current members-

=Izzat Abd Rashid (ijat) - vokalist
=Muhammad Syarawi Che Saidi (awie) - guitarist
=Muhammad Faza Nazarudin (faza) - sessionist guitarist
=Muhammad Syuwari Che Saidi (alang) -bassist
=Muhammad Ezzat Haziq Jaafar (haziq) -drummer